Exploring 대부도키즈풀빌라: A Family-Friendly Paradise

In the realm of vacation getaways, 대부도키즈풀빌라, or as we fondly call it, “Gold Valley,” stands out as a true gem. Nestled on Daebudo Island, this stunning 40,000 pyeong pool villa pension complex is your ticket to an unforgettable family retreat. Let’s delve into the world of 대부도키즈풀빌라 and discover why it’s the ultimate destination for family adventures, workshops, romantic escapes, and so much more.


A Brief Introduction

At 대부도키즈풀빌라, we believe in creating experiences that leave lasting memories. Our mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind vacation experience that caters to families, couples, and individuals alike. Our pool villa complex is strategically located just across from the Daebudo Glass Island Museum, adding an artistic touch to your surroundings.

Endless Options for Pensions

One of the standout features of 대부도키즈풀빌라 is the diverse range of pension concepts we offer. Whether you’re planning a family getaway, a romantic escape, or a workshop retreat, we have the perfect pension for you. Let’s explore some of our exciting pension options:

  • Family Trips
    For families looking to create cherished memories, our family-friendly pool villas are the ideal choice. These spacious accommodations provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where parents and children can bond and have fun together. The individual pools within the pension units ensure that aquatic adventures are always at your doorstep.
  • Couple Retreats
    Couples seeking a romantic escape will find our pool villas designed to be a haven of tranquility. The private barbecue areas allow you to enjoy intimate meals under the stars, while the karaoke rooms add a touch of entertainment to your evenings. Our exclusive foot volleyball courts are perfect for a little friendly competition, and the sports games area adds to the excitement.
  • Workshop Getaways
    If you’re planning a workshop or team-building retreat, look no further than 대부도키즈풀빌라. Our spacious and well-equipped facilities provide the perfect setting for productive sessions and creative brainstorming. The serene environment of Daebudo Island fosters concentration and inspiration.

The Comforts of 대부도키즈풀빌라

When it comes to comfort and convenience, we spare no effort in ensuring your stay is nothing short of spectacular. Here are some of the amenities and features that make 대부도키즈풀빌라 a top choice:

  • Private Pools
    Each villa boasts its own private pool, allowing you to take a refreshing dip whenever you please. Whether it’s a morning swim to start your day or a relaxing evening soak, the pool is yours to enjoy.
  • Barbecue Areas
    Enjoy delicious meals cooked to perfection at our private barbecue areas. It’s a fantastic way to savor the flavors of Daebudo while creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.
  • Karaoke Rooms
    Sing your heart out or have a karaoke showdown with friends and family in our dedicated karaoke rooms. It’s a surefire way to add a musical twist to your evenings.
  • Foot Volleyball Courts
    Challenge your companions to a friendly game of foot volleyball at our exclusive courts. It’s a fantastic way to stay active and enjoy some healthy competition.
  • Sports Games Area
    For sports enthusiasts, our sports games area offers a variety of options, from basketball to badminton. Stay active and have a blast in the beautiful surroundings of Daebudo Island.


In summary, 대부도키즈풀빌라, or Gold Valley, is more than just a vacation destination—it’s an experience waiting to be embraced. With a wide range of pension options catering to families, couples, and workshops, it offers something for everyone. The comfort and amenities provided ensure a memorable stay, while the beauty of Daebudo Island adds to the enchantment.